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Community Presentations are available for students, parents, staff and teachers at local schools; residents; and members of organizations including religious entities. Sessions can be tailored to fit a group’s specific needs. For detailed information about the presentations and how to schedule, contact Michele Buffo, Director of Development, at (870) 424-7576


Advocacy Services are offered to assist families with assessing any safety concerns as well as any needs/barriers they may have to gaining self-sufficiency.

See a full list of adult services included HERE.

Advocacy & Counseling


Serenity offers emergency shelter, free of charge, for people escaping domestic violence situations. Serenity has also begun a large renovation and restructuring of the emergency shelter to better accommodate women and children.

Residential Programs

Violence and abuse affect the whole person. When a prson goes through the trauma of abuse, they need to be allowed to heal on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Serenity's services and programs are designed to help our clients recover so they can go on to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Our philosophy focuses on empowering individuals to make healthy decisions to lead productive lifestyles.

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