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Dating is usually the first step in forming long lasting partnerships. How we pick a partner, treat a partner and allow ourselves to be treated by a partner are all important aspects of all relationships.

What is Safe Dating?

  • Safe dating relationships will have the following characteristics:
  • Both partners respect each other and their opinions
  • Both partners support and encourage the other's goals and ambitions
  • Both partners encourage the other to have friends
  • Both partners communicate opening and honestly
  • Both partners accept the differences between them

In a healthy dating relationship, one partner would never ask another to do something they are uncomfortable with, or that could damage their reputation, such as sexting, cybering or making sex a relationship must. If you are not sure about your relationship, or you want to make sure that you know what a healthy relationship looks like, you can download and work on safe dating worksheets.

How I want to Be Treated by my Partner | How I want to Treat my Partner

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Safe Dating is Smart Dating

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How Do I Know?

power control wheel

The power & control wheel shows the different types of abuse and how abusers use various forms of abuse to intimidate and control. We have provided a wheel for you to view or download and print.

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